Thursday, 14 July 2011

The Time Of The Moon

And there he was, standing silently alone,
His heart beating as he watched it fade away.
A light that had brightened his days,
Sinking into the merciless clouds.
An inch, he clung to it, a drop he held for life.
And there he was, standing greeting the dark,
Convinced happiness was forever gone.

He stood with a heart torn to pieces,
Wondering what comes after it fades.
He counted, yes he stood there counting.
Each number ripped a piece of him,
Each tick, each tock, each passing minute.
He stood, he watched, he braced himself.

An emptiness overcame him, love lost,
It has a way of gripping and shaking a heart.
There in the shadows, no sound could be heart,
Still he stood, thinking what comes next.
He was shattered, your grave was still new.
He was broken, your scent ever so fresh.
The sun had vanished, his hurt remained.
That is why he stood there waiting.

He saw something in the distance, bright.
He watched, his bleeding heart wide open.
And as the light got brighter he felt it.
He lifted his head, he held it high.
His fear subsided, hurt turned to hope.
New beginnings, he found new light.
For it was finally the time of the moon.


  1. This is good. You've painted some vivid pictures in my head.

  2. Truly, this is beautiful writing....thank you.

  3. Wow!! You are so talented. You should publish some of your work.

  4. "He counted. Yes, he stood there counting..."

    Exceptional imagery throughout this piece. VERY nicely done!

    Thanks for stopping by my place. It was great to have you! Consider me a new follower, as I LOVE good poetry, and you certainly provide it!

  5. Very sad but lovely in its imagery.
    RYN: Sad to feel so alone, yes, I too feel it at times. Fill yourself with love, of anything and everything, grow to love life, then, you won;t need others to help you not to feel so alone, you will begin to feel yourself a huge part of, everything because, that is exactly what you are.

  6. You write fantastically..
    Thanks for dropping by and making me land here.

    you are truly an amazing and brave person !!

    Random Scribbler...

  7. You are truly blessed. Thank you for sharing.

  8. *new beginnings, he found new light
    for it was finally the time of the moon.

    What a wonderful ending!
    Loved those lines!

  9. Another very moving, *beautiful* writing! Like Margie, I really loved the ending and how it ties into the title of the poem ~ wonderful, indeed! I thought of a particular friend of mine when reading it, so I will be sharing it with him :)

    Thanks for stopping by my place and leaving a nice comment :)

  10. i'm glad this ends on a hopeful much grief and sadness, captured with great sensitivity here..

  11. Fabulously beautiful :)

  12. Dear Poetic soul,
    thanks for dropping by my blog and for your encouraging comments. they were greatly appreciated.

    You write amazing poetry, very descriptive!
    You truly have a gift. I have a friend who is
    gifted like that as well, and I keep trying to
    get her to write on her blog my hubby and I set up for her. Maybe one day.
    think I might send her over to see your blog,
    and it might just inspire her...........

    Nice to meet you here in blogland,
    Have a great week ahead,
    Blessings, Nellie

  13. @Yogi: That is a very nice compliment, thanks
    @Mary: Merci Beaucoup
    @Impulsive Addict: I'll try to publish in future, thanks for the tip and confidence in me
    @Bryce: You just made me smile
    @Daydreamertoo: I love that you just wrote a short beautiful poem
    @Mama Zen: Thank You
    @Catherine: I'm blushing
    @Jyotri Mishra: Thank you, I love your blog and will be by often
    @Just be real: Here's the thing, I love how real your blog is and it inspires me

  14. @Jagdish Bali: Merci
    @Margie: Thank you lots, nice compliment
    @Lady Fiona: I'm glad you'll share it with a friend, I wrote it after losing my uncle.
    @Claudia: Hey girl, you always make me smile
    @sex, drugs and bacon sandwiches: Thank you. just saw your blog and loved it
    @Nellies cozy place: Wow thank you so much, I do hope your friend starts writing soon, she already has you as a fan, now you can add me.
    @Kim: thank you, I'm a believer in the whole silver lining thing.