Tuesday, 05 July 2011

Journey into the Unknown

Yesterday I decided to go,
My bags were packed, my map in hand.
I looked above, the sky was clear.
I looked beyond, could not see my destination.
Today I am leaving with my map in hand.

I will climb the highest mountains,
Sail through the strongest storms.
Fight the angry current,
For I want to get to the other side.
I will walk through the dry desert,
No heat will burn my desire.
My destiny unclear, my feet so swollen,
I will push myself to the limit,
This is my journey to travel.

Today I am taking my journey,
Leaving all I know behind.
The smiles that I have come to know,
The familiar faces that greet me.
The mountains I call my home
And the air that blows on my cheeks.
Do not worry about me,
Let me go find my own way.

It is time to start my journey,
Not knowing what's waiting
On the other side.
My soul says yes,
My heart rejoices.
For this is a time to take that chance,
To jump and fall on my own.
So what if I break a bone or two.


  1. Rich journey to you. May you gather the lessons and experiences to enrich you with only essential damage.

  2. Your poetry is very real and easy for all to read, that is a talent all in itself.....awesome poem!

  3. Nice writing - I wish you joy on your journey. x

  4. Very nice poem! Good luck as you travel your own individual journey; and thanks for your comment in my blog!

  5. @Victoria: Thanks for the blessings.
    @Neva Flores: Thank you, beautiful words
    @Susannah: Merci
    @Mary: Thanks Mary, I hope this journey is magical.