Monday, 11 July 2011

Childless Mother

My womb has never carried a baby,
No nine months of pregnancy bliss for me.
I know nothing about the swollen ankles,
Can't tell you nothing about morning sickness.
This is a story of a mother, a childless mother is me.

I don't know anything about the baby kicks,
Or how it feels when the baby turns,
Those are my deepest desires.
The wacky cravings women always get,
That again is one I can't tell about,
A childless mother, a yearning heart.

I am a childless mother with empty arms longing to hold,
My heart is wide open, eyes filled with tears.
Rocking back and forth, my baby in my arms,
Listening to the breathing, being in tune with it.
Listening to the heartbeat, inhaling the perfec scent.
Scent of my own baby, centre of my world.

Watching the eyes while feeding, tiny fingers on my chest.
I long to put my baby to sleep, to hum as they drift to dream land.
I hunger for a chance to hold my baby close to my heart,
A heart that would beat stronger with a touch.
Raising the little angel, with my eyes and a face
That is much better than mine.

Day and night the longing goes deeper,
My arms are empty, my heart is big.
I am a mother, a childless mother is me.


  1. This is a beautiful and honest poem. I commend you for writing it, sharing it, disclosing your real feellings. Do know that there is always adoption. I don't know if you are married or not, but it doesn't matter. There are children who need homes.

  2. Heartbreaking............a beautiful piece

  3. Oy - I resemble that poem as well...
    well done.

  4. this is a sad tale...had a friend that after years of trying just had their first...i hope that if possible you are given that miracle.

  5. I can truly relate to this poem and am very moved by it and how beautifully it is written. You have a *wonderful* talent for writing! Thanks for sharing your heart & soul wish us :) Fiona

  6. Oops, that was supposed to be wiTH us :D

  7. Oh my God.... That's true sadness of the woman....
    hope every woman get their true happiness... :)

  8. AH, that anguish of a 'mother-who-is-not-a-mother'

    There might be several ways to fill empty arms and desires so deep. And you certainly know where to look. God has a Purpose, of what we know not...

    Thanks for your pleasant comment on my blog. Don't know how you got there, but I'm glad--because I got to read this post, and follow.
    PEACE! And there is JOY out there--or 'in' there
    for you, surely!

  9. someday you will have a baby of your own :)

  10. May your wishes come true. I hope you are feeling better today, much stronger :)
    Thanks for the visit!

  11. Thank you for your visit and kind words!
    This is very sad!
    May you be someday blessed with a beautiful bundle of joy!
    One of God's greatest blessings!

  12. That was a beautiful piece. You don't need pictures to tell a story like I do. Your words paint a beautiful, honest picture.

  13. I understand. I am the same.

  14. This strikes right to the heart. I was in that place at one time. Luckily it was only temporary, but that sadness was never forgotten.

  15. Moving, and in its movement, heart-wrenching...honest, powerful piece, yet tragic...I am sorry, but I commend your courage in posting this to share with us all.

  16. oh i so hope for you that there will be a time when you can have a baby...friends of us tried for so long and after they adopted a child she suddenly was can go the strangest paths..

  17. Poetic Soul,

    A heartfelt poem. I hope one day soon you will experience the blessings and joy of motherhood.

    Thank you for visiting my Blog and poem. I have added your Blog to my list.
    I wish you well,

  18. heartbreaking and simply beautiful in it's description of longing for that loving gift of a child... I hope that one day your wish will come true. Many thanks for dropping by my site. Much appreciated. xPenx

  19. Hello.
    This post tugged at my heartstrings.

    Not having any children of my own, I have no words with which to comfort you.
    All I can say is I hope you are one day blessed with the gift of motherhood Do not be discouraged and keep clinging to hope. If it does not happen naturally, there are plenty of children all over the world who would love for you to be their mom.

    I hope all your dreams and wishes come true

    Thank you for sharing such personal and heartfelt emotions.

    Wishing you the very best and lots of virtual hugs.

    I appreciate you stopping by my blog too.

  20. Beautiful, heartfelt poem... the longing comes through. I love the repeated phrase "a childless mother is me". I hope one day you receive this gift!