Tuesday, 05 July 2011

Soldier Lady

Soldier Lady

Her name is mystery, her eyes are dark,
her coat is long, her destiny unknown,
her sorrow runs deep, her fears hidden,
this girl is a hero, yet no one can tell.

Her arms are inviting, her lips are sealed,
her chest is warm, her legs are strong,
her journey long, her path not clear,
this girl is a woman, slowly finding herself.

Who knows her struggle, no one sees her tears.
Who notices when her clouds turn the shade of grey?
Who picks up the pieces of her heart?
Who paves her way and clears the dirt?
No one can, no one sees her struggle because
this woman is strong; she can keep it all in.

Now her name is joy, her name is strength,
Now her skirt is shorter, her eyes shine bright,
Now her sorrow is gone, her future looks bright,
This girl is a hero, I gotta hand it to her


  1. What a lovely tribute! I admire her.

  2. I have been looking for a poetry blog to follow. Great blog!

  3. wow - what an ode to your beautiful and brave mother...i would love to know her..

  4. Beautifully written! alphabetalife.blogspot.com

  5. Appreciate you sharing, thank you. Blessings.

  6. you have your own voice...that is a special

  7. It's always amazed me that being a mother is taken so much for granted. It has to be one of the toughest jobs there is, especially since this mosther had the disadvantage of being in a wheelchair to be a mother too.
    What a lovely story and, lovely tribute in prose to follow with. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the visit to me.

  8. You've paid a fine tribute for you Mom, a wonderful mentor to look up to.

  9. an incredibly beautiful tribute!

  10. @Electric Addict: Thank you
    @Lolamouse: Thanks, she's a warrior
    @Sarahberry74: That is so sweet
    @Claudia: I wish you could
    @Jessica Thompson: I'll stop by
    @Just Be Real: I'm enjoying your blog

  11. @TIMMYTHEROBOT: Thanks
    @Old Ollie: That is the nicest compliment, you just made me smile
    @Daydreamertoo: It sure is the hardest thing, I am blessed to have her
    @Christine: If I become half the mother she is, my job would be done
    @Neva Flores: Thanks girl

  12. nice...in 20 minutes no less...a fine and lovely tribute to her...

  13. She loved ironing?! That's a good reason to appreciate her :)

    "Soldier Lady" - this title of your poem perfectly fits the description of your mother.
    The post is a very touching tribute to her as a girl, a mother, a woman, a hero.

  14. This was lovely! You express yourself beautifully.

  15. Now THAT is beautiful! WOW!

  16. Your appreciation certainly shows in your poem. Your mother sounds like a very brave lady indeed.

  17. What a special woman your mother is. Very nice poem.

  18. This would have been excellent however long it had taken.

  19. In 20 minutes I'd still be scrabbling over the first couple of lines! You express your admiration for your mother so well.

  20. What a wonderful tribute to a woman of strength and courage.