Thursday, 13 June 2013

My Old Friend

A message came, short but ripping,
"He passed away last month",
Five little words that hit me like a thunderbolt,
"No, no impossible, not him" I thought.
But the words stared me in the face,
A mockery I could not avoid,
Taunting I could not escape.
Words I could not wish away, slowly it sunk in.

I closed my eyes, looked up to the heavens,
"Why God, why take this one?", tears streaming down.
I pulled up my covers, slowly rocked myself back and forth,
Images of him kept playing on my mind,
Like a slide machine, one beautiful picture after another.
His sincere smile, eyes shining bright, always.

My friend I miss you,
Let me trade one year of my life for one more minute with you.
I'd give up five years if I could get one hour with you.
You were my friend, my very own soul friend.
So if possible, I'd trade ten years for one more day with you.
Goodbye soul friend, shine on bright angel.