Monday, 19 May 2014

The Belief

If I could just reach, I can feel it on my tips.
A little more to the left, a little higher than the last.
If I let my mind lead, my eyes keep searching.
I know there’s a story behind these glazed eyes,
I know there’s an answer hidden in the pages.

There’s a longing in my soul, a hole I need to close.
So the reaching continues, the target is in sight.
I need to pull the trigger and aim, fire, hit.
I need to turn the pages and find my answers.

I have a dream, it’s so simple and short.
To run with the winds and smile at the sunset.
To watch the tails to horses and feel the breeze on my cheeks.
I have a dream it’s so basic and true.
To witness beauty and be part of it.
To live my life the way I live it in my heart.
Free, daring, a heart pf a gypsy.

For now I will keep reaching for that star up high.
For now I will keep stretching higher, the vision is clean.
The dream lives on, stronger and ever so simple.
The hearts beats on, though weaker but much believing.