Thursday, 13 June 2013

My Old Friend

A message came, short but ripping,
"He passed away last month",
Five little words that hit me like a thunderbolt,
"No, no impossible, not him" I thought.
But the words stared me in the face,
A mockery I could not avoid,
Taunting I could not escape.
Words I could not wish away, slowly it sunk in.

I closed my eyes, looked up to the heavens,
"Why God, why take this one?", tears streaming down.
I pulled up my covers, slowly rocked myself back and forth,
Images of him kept playing on my mind,
Like a slide machine, one beautiful picture after another.
His sincere smile, eyes shining bright, always.

My friend I miss you,
Let me trade one year of my life for one more minute with you.
I'd give up five years if I could get one hour with you.
You were my friend, my very own soul friend.
So if possible, I'd trade ten years for one more day with you.
Goodbye soul friend, shine on bright angel.

Saturday, 06 April 2013

Dance With The River

She sang me a soothing song,
As we sat watching that river.
The colors were so bright,
Water dancing back and forth.
She sang me a song,
A gentle melodic whisper and the river danced.

Never counting the seconds, my head on her lap.
This music is soothing, takes my mind way back.
Sing me a lullaby mama; my heart will clap for joy.
She sang a melody, a whisper and I closed my eyes.

Never count the seconds, life is happening now.
Close those eyes my friend and sway with the river.
Let the music carry you, feel it consume you.
Close your eyes open your heart and dance.

Wednesday, 03 April 2013

Africa My Home

The beat of the drums, drums of Africa.
A place for many, all colors call it home.
United as one, held together by the melody.
This place has rhythm, it rings and the land shakes.
Carry me home long roads, leads me home high mountains.

I am a child of Africa, my ancestors walked this land.
Trees sway in the wind, air clear and fresh.
Animals run wild, lions roar and rumble from a distance.
Let us raise the flag high, let us remember the past.
The drums ring, Africa rejoices and a little baby cries

Monday, 25 March 2013

Restore My Faith

Yesterday I heard the wings of approaching birds,
Birds returning home for the warmth and safety.
They flew over my house at six,
Joyfully chirping as if to say “there’s hope”.
Mother bird returning with food on her beak,
Fly home little bird, hurry home unforgotten one.

Earlier I saw the twinkling of a distant star,
A star that stood alone, no star close to it.
I watched as it grew brighter, as if signalling the others.
I looked up, the star was ever so visible,
Surrounded by a number of new stars.
Shine on little star, light the dark sky twinkling star.

A bird spoke to me, a whisper only a hopeful heart could hear,
I stood up, my legs felt stronger.
A star told me a secret, a promise only an open soul could believe,
I inhaled, I held on, I believed.
Yesterday these ears heard a distant bird,
Earlier these eyes saw a twinkling star,
And just like that, they restored my faith.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Not A Care

Let's sing and dance,
shake the cares of the world off.
Let the music move you,
Carry you,
Consume you.
Let today be your starting point,
let tomorrow be a lifetime away.

A kiss of life, wind blows softly by,
a jolt of life, awakened from just standing by.
Let us live today like we are taking our last breaths.
Let the colours around us brighten our souls.
A step, left right left right,
come dance, the world will bow down.

Live for now, love for always.
Laugh right now, smile for eternity.
The world may knock you down at times,
best remedy is to get up,
hold on,
live strong, fight, dance, sing, smile, love,
and keep tomorrow an eternity away.