Saturday, 06 April 2013

Dance With The River

She sang me a soothing song,
As we sat watching that river.
The colors were so bright,
Water dancing back and forth.
She sang me a song,
A gentle melodic whisper and the river danced.

Never counting the seconds, my head on her lap.
This music is soothing, takes my mind way back.
Sing me a lullaby mama; my heart will clap for joy.
She sang a melody, a whisper and I closed my eyes.

Never count the seconds, life is happening now.
Close those eyes my friend and sway with the river.
Let the music carry you, feel it consume you.
Close your eyes open your heart and dance.


  1. This is beautiful. Thanks for reminding that all of us need to escape by closing our eyes and listening to nature.

  2. I could feel the music in this poem and the wonderful nostalgia!

  3. A beautiful journey: home.