Monday, 19 May 2014

The Belief

If I could just reach, I can feel it on my tips.
A little more to the left, a little higher than the last.
If I let my mind lead, my eyes keep searching.
I know there’s a story behind these glazed eyes,
I know there’s an answer hidden in the pages.

There’s a longing in my soul, a hole I need to close.
So the reaching continues, the target is in sight.
I need to pull the trigger and aim, fire, hit.
I need to turn the pages and find my answers.

I have a dream, it’s so simple and short.
To run with the winds and smile at the sunset.
To watch the tails to horses and feel the breeze on my cheeks.
I have a dream it’s so basic and true.
To witness beauty and be part of it.
To live my life the way I live it in my heart.
Free, daring, a heart pf a gypsy.

For now I will keep reaching for that star up high.
For now I will keep stretching higher, the vision is clean.
The dream lives on, stronger and ever so simple.
The hearts beats on, though weaker but much believing.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

My Old Friend

A message came, short but ripping,
"He passed away last month",
Five little words that hit me like a thunderbolt,
"No, no impossible, not him" I thought.
But the words stared me in the face,
A mockery I could not avoid,
Taunting I could not escape.
Words I could not wish away, slowly it sunk in.

I closed my eyes, looked up to the heavens,
"Why God, why take this one?", tears streaming down.
I pulled up my covers, slowly rocked myself back and forth,
Images of him kept playing on my mind,
Like a slide machine, one beautiful picture after another.
His sincere smile, eyes shining bright, always.

My friend I miss you,
Let me trade one year of my life for one more minute with you.
I'd give up five years if I could get one hour with you.
You were my friend, my very own soul friend.
So if possible, I'd trade ten years for one more day with you.
Goodbye soul friend, shine on bright angel.

Saturday, 06 April 2013

Dance With The River

She sang me a soothing song,
As we sat watching that river.
The colors were so bright,
Water dancing back and forth.
She sang me a song,
A gentle melodic whisper and the river danced.

Never counting the seconds, my head on her lap.
This music is soothing, takes my mind way back.
Sing me a lullaby mama; my heart will clap for joy.
She sang a melody, a whisper and I closed my eyes.

Never count the seconds, life is happening now.
Close those eyes my friend and sway with the river.
Let the music carry you, feel it consume you.
Close your eyes open your heart and dance.

Wednesday, 03 April 2013

Africa My Home

The beat of the drums, drums of Africa.
A place for many, all colors call it home.
United as one, held together by the melody.
This place has rhythm, it rings and the land shakes.
Carry me home long roads, leads me home high mountains.

I am a child of Africa, my ancestors walked this land.
Trees sway in the wind, air clear and fresh.
Animals run wild, lions roar and rumble from a distance.
Let us raise the flag high, let us remember the past.
The drums ring, Africa rejoices and a little baby cries

Monday, 25 March 2013

Restore My Faith

Yesterday I heard the wings of approaching birds,
Birds returning home for the warmth and safety.
They flew over my house at six,
Joyfully chirping as if to say “there’s hope”.
Mother bird returning with food on her beak,
Fly home little bird, hurry home unforgotten one.

Earlier I saw the twinkling of a distant star,
A star that stood alone, no star close to it.
I watched as it grew brighter, as if signalling the others.
I looked up, the star was ever so visible,
Surrounded by a number of new stars.
Shine on little star, light the dark sky twinkling star.

A bird spoke to me, a whisper only a hopeful heart could hear,
I stood up, my legs felt stronger.
A star told me a secret, a promise only an open soul could believe,
I inhaled, I held on, I believed.
Yesterday these ears heard a distant bird,
Earlier these eyes saw a twinkling star,
And just like that, they restored my faith.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Not A Care

Let's sing and dance,
shake the cares of the world off.
Let the music move you,
Carry you,
Consume you.
Let today be your starting point,
let tomorrow be a lifetime away.

A kiss of life, wind blows softly by,
a jolt of life, awakened from just standing by.
Let us live today like we are taking our last breaths.
Let the colours around us brighten our souls.
A step, left right left right,
come dance, the world will bow down.

Live for now, love for always.
Laugh right now, smile for eternity.
The world may knock you down at times,
best remedy is to get up,
hold on,
live strong, fight, dance, sing, smile, love,
and keep tomorrow an eternity away.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Your Arms

When you first held me close,
My heart against your strong solid chest,
I felt the hole inside me close.
Your arms wrapped warmth around my heart,
Your arms ignited a fire, a scorching heat.
No words needed to be spoken,
With a simple touch the message was clear.
You held me so close,
I felt the ache within heal.

Your touch felt like magic,
You were my private magician.
You rocked me in a rhythm,
A rhythm of your heart.
Your touch felt like gold,
Pure and stunning in its clarity.
I melted in your embrace,
You melted into mine.

Here we are, twelve years down the road,
We have worn off our soles in these roads,
Here we are, grown up and brave,
We have seen so much and done so much.
Here you are, here I am,
Unshaken and true.

Your arms are still inviting,
Your embrace so tender and true,
My very own private magician.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Rock Me To Sleep

When the pains comes and grip my heart,
When breathing becomes are task of force,
I know exactly what my heart needs,
Whether day or night your hand is love,
Let us take a journey back in time,
Rock me to sleep like you did when I was small,
Back when your arms were reserved just for me.

Your gentle hands, your soft voice,
Sitting at the edge of the bed,
Back and forth, left and right,
Rocking me to a peaceful place.
I need that tonight for my fragile heart,
I need that to chase bad dreams away.

Today was a long day,
I cried, I smiled, I made it through.
I felt pain, I acted brave, yes I made it through,
But now I only need one thing to make it through,
I don’t want to act brave, I don't want to grow up.
I need you to help me through,
Gentle rock me to a land of peacefulness.

Friday, 05 August 2011

A Cry From A Girls' Heart

Her heart breaks with every beat,
her head spins with every thought,
yet she stands up,
she looks up,
and lives each day as if all is well.

She retires to bed with a headache
because of all the burdening
thoughts of the day just spent.
She smiles as she says "goodnight"
to her loved ones,
yet her insides are broken.

She wakes up with a big smile on her face,
she tries desperately to hide the pain,
bouncing into the kitchen with glowing cheeks,
this one has mastered the art of hiding her loneliness.
Many see the bubbly beautiful young woman,
but the mirror, oh the mirror shows her true self.

She spends her days in open spaces,
she lives afraid of her own dark shadow.
She lives her days hiding in a cluster
of faceless people,
afraid of what might happen if she's alone.
She follows the line,
living as the world expects,
but her heart is troubled,
broken into pieces.

Her head boils with every thump,
her sorrow worsens with every stomp.
Yet she gets up, she holds on,
and starts each day with a smile.

Tuesday, 02 August 2011

Full Circle

Full Circle

 The woman proudly displayed it, as if she could tell the future.
Little did she know her nine months of pride,
were going to be years of pure beauty.
The woman carried him with pride,
I know this because of the results.
You ask me to bet on it, I say just take a look at him.
Because he was carried proudly by a woman on a mission.

For nine long months, days and nights combined,
the hero grew strongly.
For each breath she took, I know he kicked with joy,
anticipating the day he blessed the world with his presence.
Counting hours till he kicked right into this lost world.
No worries, for he will be one of its few great things.

Today its the big day, a hero is born among us.
Call them all, those close and those unknown.
Come see beauty the way only God intended.
But he is just a child, you say.
True, but he will grow into a man, real to the core.

Call the singers, pull out the drums and let the dancers move.
Form a circle, join your hands and don't forget your best clothes.
Light a fire, bring the gifts, sing the night away.
Give him a hero's welcome,
make sure it'll be remembered long after the stones wash away.

Years have come and gone, the world has changed with each day.
We've changed with the wind and floated with the water.
You ask me again, were my predictions true?
I ask you my own, can't you see him shine?

In a world forever changing, a world violent and harsh,
he has only gotten stronger, his light shines so bright.
He lives his life in truth, taking each step with dignity.
He walks like a real man and for those who look its clear.

On that beautiful day, I know there wasn't a cloud in the sky.
On that day God himself was very pleased with his work.
The heavens rejoiced, applause erupted.
But if you ask me what happened that day my answer is very simple.
That day an angel was born, but his halo only shines in my eyes.

Dedicated to m 8yr old nephew...!!!