Monday, 25 March 2013

Restore My Faith

Yesterday I heard the wings of approaching birds,
Birds returning home for the warmth and safety.
They flew over my house at six,
Joyfully chirping as if to say “there’s hope”.
Mother bird returning with food on her beak,
Fly home little bird, hurry home unforgotten one.

Earlier I saw the twinkling of a distant star,
A star that stood alone, no star close to it.
I watched as it grew brighter, as if signalling the others.
I looked up, the star was ever so visible,
Surrounded by a number of new stars.
Shine on little star, light the dark sky twinkling star.

A bird spoke to me, a whisper only a hopeful heart could hear,
I stood up, my legs felt stronger.
A star told me a secret, a promise only an open soul could believe,
I inhaled, I held on, I believed.
Yesterday these ears heard a distant bird,
Earlier these eyes saw a twinkling star,
And just like that, they restored my faith.


  1. You write beautiful poetry. Faith restored, face whatever's ahead with courage.

  2. You have a wonderful way with words. Thanks for sharing this beautiful poem.

  3. nature, our universe is like that...they restore us...they often seem to have a deeper connection than us as this...and faith restored is a wonderful thing...smiles.

  4. Hi - your poems soothe my soul - this one is lovely and calming. So needed. Faith is the key to being able to even try -
    Love Gail

  5. We just need to pay attention. Very well done.

    Have a terrific day. ☺

  6. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I'm glad you did otherwise I would have missed out on your beautiful poetry. I am feeling better.

  7. Oh this is just beautiful! I love the ending and the restoration of faith.

    Any possibility you can get rid of this word verification. I am trying now the 3rd really is useless thing which only annoys those who try to respond.

  8. Poetic soul is right!! I love this.

  9. nature and the natural things about us can restore our soul, feeding it the right diet, and I love this description above of the restoration of faith...xPenx

  10. Signs which inspire hope are everywhere, and always are/were...EVERYWHERE. When I am ready to "see" and "hear"...then I am ready to believe.

    And that is the way I change, become a better person. If only, IF ONLY one of theose birds wold drop some "patience" on my shoulder...

    Thanks for dropping by. I DO share in what you see and hear.

  11. Thank you for sharing.....blessings.

  12. Like how the restoration takes place as the faith is once more in an embrace

  13.'s the smal things that touch our soul in unexpected moments and help us believe again, give us new faith and strength..

  14. Beautiful! I love how you touched upon restoring one's faith!
    "A star told me a secret, a promise only an open soul could believe,
    I inhaled, I held on, I believed."

  15. All you need is eyes to see and ears to hear the small miracles of everyday to be happy.