Saturday, 23 March 2013

Not A Care

Let's sing and dance,
shake the cares of the world off.
Let the music move you,
Carry you,
Consume you.
Let today be your starting point,
let tomorrow be a lifetime away.

A kiss of life, wind blows softly by,
a jolt of life, awakened from just standing by.
Let us live today like we are taking our last breaths.
Let the colours around us brighten our souls.
A step, left right left right,
come dance, the world will bow down.

Live for now, love for always.
Laugh right now, smile for eternity.
The world may knock you down at times,
best remedy is to get up,
hold on,
live strong, fight, dance, sing, smile, love,
and keep tomorrow an eternity away.


  1. This is beautiful. So true that we should live now, love for always. We ONLY have today, so we should dance while we still can! Smiles.

  2. live for the now for sure....let today be that starting empowering....the best remedy is to get up and live true...

  3. Sure the way to be, jumping about and having fun at ones sea.

  4. Man, I wish I had your talent. This is awesome.

  5. I so wish to do that. Lovely poem and good to see you back. :)

  6. A poetic soul, indeed. :-)
    This is lovely, my Nemesis.
    You are much finer writer than am I.
    I do read a lot of poetry, old, new,
    contemporary, all. It's that sort of day
    to sing and dance and smile to one another
    and utter words of praise.
    Thank you, for your patience. :-)