Thursday, 18 August 2011

Your Arms

When you first held me close,
My heart against your strong solid chest,
I felt the hole inside me close.
Your arms wrapped warmth around my heart,
Your arms ignited a fire, a scorching heat.
No words needed to be spoken,
With a simple touch the message was clear.
You held me so close,
I felt the ache within heal.

Your touch felt like magic,
You were my private magician.
You rocked me in a rhythm,
A rhythm of your heart.
Your touch felt like gold,
Pure and stunning in its clarity.
I melted in your embrace,
You melted into mine.

Here we are, twelve years down the road,
We have worn off our soles in these roads,
Here we are, grown up and brave,
We have seen so much and done so much.
Here you are, here I am,
Unshaken and true.

Your arms are still inviting,
Your embrace so tender and true,
My very own private magician.


  1. So sweet for love to survive the time .. I like it ~

  2. Oh, this is such a joy-filled poem. Beautiful expression of love.

  3. now this sounds like true love indeed...smiling at the private magician..keeping up the spell in the struggles and storms of everyday life..seems like the two of you have managed...beautiful

  4. I'm in love with second paragraph and the line 'you melted in mine' epitomizes love. Excellent expression...

    I'm sharing this link of a couplet which I love, hope you like it too.

  5. I feel all the love you feel!
    And it does sound very magical.
    Very nice writing!

  6. Wonderful to be so well loved and to love so fully in return. I love to see love... thank you for sharing it with us and, for commenting on my blog too.

  7. True love is indeed magical!! Thank you for sharing ... hope your soul mates views this one as well!

  8. nice...this is a great testament to is magical...i am glad your is as enduring...

  9. very strong feelings expressed here :)
    Love is magical !!!

  10. lovely lines...beautifully crafted words...magic of love!

  11. Hello dear,
    these last 2 poems are so beautifully written,
    and we can hear and feel the heartbeat of them.
    You are very gifted.

    Come over tomorrow to visit - I have a nice surprise for you!

    Blessings, Nellie

  12. This is really something for a hopeless romantic like me...True love very nicely articulated, without being too "mushy"! Beautiful!

  13. Missing your beautiful words & presence on Blogger :) Hoping you are OK & just taking a break . . . thinking of you ~ lovely poem!


  14. Hope all is well!

    Happy New Year!

    You are missed!

    Margie x