Friday, 05 August 2011

A Cry From A Girls' Heart

Her heart breaks with every beat,
her head spins with every thought,
yet she stands up,
she looks up,
and lives each day as if all is well.

She retires to bed with a headache
because of all the burdening
thoughts of the day just spent.
She smiles as she says "goodnight"
to her loved ones,
yet her insides are broken.

She wakes up with a big smile on her face,
she tries desperately to hide the pain,
bouncing into the kitchen with glowing cheeks,
this one has mastered the art of hiding her loneliness.
Many see the bubbly beautiful young woman,
but the mirror, oh the mirror shows her true self.

She spends her days in open spaces,
she lives afraid of her own dark shadow.
She lives her days hiding in a cluster
of faceless people,
afraid of what might happen if she's alone.
She follows the line,
living as the world expects,
but her heart is troubled,
broken into pieces.

Her head boils with every thump,
her sorrow worsens with every stomp.
Yet she gets up, she holds on,
and starts each day with a smile.


  1. The wonders of being a woman. I think we are made tough for a reason and you have wonderfully penned many of them.

  2. to live bravely despite our challenges is tough...

    hope you are having a good day ~

  3. i feel sad for her...all day in wide open spaces but lonely...i dont know if hiding her pain is helping or slowly killing her...

  4. Living with constant pain is very debilitating. I know, I live it every day. It's tiring and depressing but, as with all women, we do tend to soldier on regardless becuase, we can't do otherwise, can we?
    Lovely, heartfelt prose.

  5. Very sad, of course, but in a way kind of admirable too. At least until she breaks.

  6. BTW, The Serialist is open to poets too. You just have to include an ongoing story in the poems.

  7. We have so much inside us and fearing no one will understand our perspective, we don't share. However, women are very strong. They live for others and in spite of the pain within, they manage to smile. Beautiful words...

  8. This was sadly beautiful. Thanks for stopping by my place!

  9. Bittersweet ... women are amazing creatures ... so intricate and capable of so much emotion! Well done!

  10. Beautiful, poignant poetry expressing covering up pain with a smile. I'm a middle child, too, who felt somewhat overlooked as a child.

  11. I find this poem very compelling. Lovely expression of feelings so melancholy.

  12. Women are resilient, aren't we? Couldn't quite tell if it was a hard working woman or victim of domestic violence...if the beatings were figurative or not. I'm so glad you stopped by my blog so I could come over and visit you!

  13. I love this kind of poetry that has the ring of truth and reality, that gives a glimpse of life as it is! I think you have written the story of many.

  14. I love this poem. It really shows the inner strength in the woman determined to face each day with a smile on the outside.

  15. I suppose I will be echoing the others, but it is sad that she struggles to make it through each day. What a burden to hide one's true feelings all the time. Hopefully, she can find someone that will let her bare her soul.

  16. Smiling on the outside and crying on the inside...that is so sad!
    This made me feel very sad for her!

    Hope you have a happy weekend!

  17. Brave girl. Yes, a tough row to hoe, but she does it. She has the heart of a single mother, or a person with depression or an autoimmune disease. I went for years with that smile, but it was pasted on. I really feel for her.

  18. Nice one - great flow, and love the end.

  19. You have a unique talent