Friday, 29 July 2011

My Heart Is True

Take my dreams higher,
Live my life stronger,
I will open my door wider,
To fill my life with love.
Run a bit further,
Shout a little louder,
Jump a little higher,
My life is filled with joy.

Take a step closer,
Move swift and quicker,
Rejoice a little deeper,
Let the crowd gather.
I will laugh the laughter of truth,
Let happy tears flood my face,
For today, this heart is true.

Spread my wings and fly,
I will brush the sky today.
Raise my hands up high,
I want the whole world to see.
Stand on the high mountain and shout,
What better way to celebrate this love?
Our hearts beat powerful and true,
There is no fear, no doubt, no tears down this face.


  1. Such a sense of joy in this poem!
    I loved it!

  2. this is a lovely end empowering write...makesme happy just to read....

  3. A wonderful feeling, isn't it! A lovely read, thank you.

  4. I so envy those who can write poetry so beautifully. I love this!

  5. Hi - this is wonderful poetry and such a tribute to love-giving love. Amen.
    Love Gail

  6. Morning Poetic soul............
    and How are you???

    What a lovely lovely poem, so full of joy!
    It was a pleasure to read.

    My daughter will soon be your just a few weeks now. That is so neat that you are aspiring to and in process of writing a novel.
    May the Lord bless every detail of your writing,
    and cause it to be published quickly.

    Have a very blessed week hon,

  7. Such beautiful words!
    Happy August!
    xo Catherine

  8. Beautiful words! I like "live my life stronger"

  9. this oozes with energy and joy.. i like...

  10. Full of life...I find the phrase, 'laughter of truth' so beautiful. The last paragraph is superlative...:)

  11. Such a positive vibe beating in every line ~ loved it! :-)

  12. Such joy and abandon in this poem.

  13. this is a beautiful and uplifting share...

    thank you for staring my day with a smile.

    nice to meet you~

  14. i meant *starting* my day....still sleepy here ~