Tuesday, 05 July 2011

Let The Tears Come

Let The Tears Come

As I close the doors and draw back the curtains,
reality strikes me like a thunder bolt.
Yesterday you were here but today
you're as far as the distant star,
that twinkles and fades when the night says bye.
That is why I will draw back the curtains,
to form an artificial night.

How can I go on without my heart?
Nothing can keep the fire burning brightly.
The place filled with flowers
and beautifully falling tiny raindrops,
that place now lies beyond the stare of my eyes.
The friend who knew the scars on my skin,
now is at a place where my eyes cannot reach.
This is the reason my blinds are down tonight,
no one will see my pain today.

I don't want to face this world,
without you it is a hallow place.
I see faces with no expressions,
there are no smiles and
buckets of empty eyes.
will stay in my room and sulk,
shrivelled up in a ball ready to explode.

I will clutch my covers close to my chest.
Yes no one knows the pain within,
no one knew the friend you were.
That is why I will draw back the curtains,
And hold your face with memory.


  1. I can see two blessings: one, your time with this friend and, two, your poetic ability.

    I am sorry you lost your friend in such a horrible way; I have never experienced something so difficult, it must have been very hard on you.

    I have found that when my emotions are to the point of being overwhelming, poetry is one (and sometimes the only) relief for me. It seems the same is true for you.

  2. @Kelly; It definitely is, you can find peace in poetry and in difficult times it helps a lot.

  3. Poetic Soul, as one who has just lost a very close person this past week, I know how helpful it is to write.... I can definitely empathize right now with your last stanza.